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Light Limited Pro Stock (LLP) Rules

Updated: Jan 19

Maximum weight 8500#

Hitch Height 20”

1) No component chassis.

2) All OEM chassis Super Farm rules, including shielding, safety apply to this class.

3) VP Fuel and water recommended for all vehicles.

4) 2021: Fuel and water sample valves mandatory. $50.00 fine for lack of sample test ports.

5) 24.5 – 32 maximum sized tires. HP pullers tires allowed. Pro Puller Tires are allowed. See General Tractor Rules for more details.

6) 8,500 lbs. maximum weight. 8,500-8,300lbs for Alcohol (trial).

7) Engine block and head must be OEM agricultural-type for that brand of engine. Port location must be same as stock with manifolds using stock port bolt pattern. Stock dimension head.

8) No engine larger than 466 cubic inch. (+1 percent) de-cubing of larger engines allowed.

9) No deck plates allowed.

10) Maximum 2 valves per cylinder. No 24 valve heads on 6cyl etc…

11) No inner / after coolers allowed.

12) Maximum size injection pump is a 7100 P – pump with maximum size plungers of 13 mm.


A. OTTPA Precision Box Turbo (unaltered) of 3 x 3.35 box turbo is allowed in class.

B. Any 3x4 or smaller smooth bore is allowed (NO Map Grooves, StepCovers, or bushings allowed). All turbos must measure no more than 3” at the compressor wheel bore (intake) and no more than 4” at the turbine wheel bore (exhaust). Intake and exhaust wheel must protrude into housing 1/8”.

C. stock GT-42 turbo allowed

D. Alcohol must use Factory GT42 (3x3) turbo only (No Modifications, must remain factory stock, & ball bearing ok).

E. The vehicle is limited to a single turbocharger.

14. Aftermarket intake and headers allowed.

15. Turbos under a fiberglass or plastic hood must be shrouded 360 degrees by 1/8 steel.

16. Tractors must be 2wd agricultural tractors. Can run any sheet metal, but it must not cross manufacturer lines. Tractor ID determined by transmission and chassis, not sheet metal or decals. Tractors must have a minimum of 36 inch wide front ends with front wheels tracking within rear wheels.

17. Engine block and head must be of original manufacture and bolt into the chassis with no adaptor plate (besides OEM) between the engine and bell housing. You can bolt a Detroit into an Allis Chalmers, Cummins into a Minneapolis Moline using a custom adapter (these engines have to be in the heritage of the said tractor, ex. 466 IH into a case).


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