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Light Limited Super Stock

Updated: Jan 18

LLSS Rules

Maximum weight Alcohol 6000# Maximum

weight Diesel 6000#

Hitch Height 20”

Diesel Alcohol

470 Single 3.4” SB Turbo No Cooler 370 Single 3” SB Turbo

410 Single 3.0” MAF with cooler 315 Twin 3” SB Turbo

360 Twin turbo, (1)turbo 3.4”SB and (1)turbo 3”SB, no cooler (allow slotted for trial)

315 Twin turbo, (1) turbo 3.4 SB and (1) turbo 3” SB, with cooler (allow slotted for



1) Any 3x4 (alcohol/diesel) or 3.0 - 3.4x4 (diesel) smooth bore turbo or less allowed.

No map width enhancement groove. (MWE) except 410ci (Except, 360 and smaller

diesels allowed MWE for trial)

2) All turbo compressor and exhaust wheels must protrude into the housing no less

than 1/8th of an inch.

3) The compressor wheel must measure no larger than 3-inch at the face of the


4) The engine that can run twin turbo are allowed only to run the turbos staged

5) On vehicles allowed to run MAF (slotted)

a. 0.200 MAF enhancement only

b. No forward facing MAF.

6) All turbo compressor and exhaust wheels must protrude into the

housing no less than 1/8th of an inch.

7) Diesel engines that will be allowed to run a 3.4” smooth bore turbo,

the compressor wheel must protrude into the housing 1/8th of an inch

and the compressor wheel must measure no larger then 3.400” at the

face of the compressor wheel.


1) De-cubing allowed

2) Motor must match lineage of the rear and bolt up or be direct OEM replacement

for that brand.

3) OEM heads only. No billet or recast. Must match block and crank. Valves in factory

angle & location, 2 valves per cylinder max.

4) No V-8 alcohol engines

5) Rear of engine must be in stock location for make and model of rear end and

transmission housing, with a maximum tolerance of a 1” adapter plate.

Center section can be removed if not running factory engine. See “Frames” below.

6) No overhead cams

7) No aftermarket recast or billet blocks, OEM only

8) 1.5% tolerance on all cube maximum limits for normal engine wear.

478 Hercules allowed to run without decubing with 0% tolerance on ci.

9) 13mm plunger P pumps max for diesel motors, 1 plunger and injector per cylinder

10) No electronically controlled fuel systems, or secondary form of fuel

11) Computers used for data acquisition only

12) 1.125” deck plate is legal to use.

13) One spark plug per cylinder


a. Intercooler ice must be in or on tractor at weigh in.

b. Water injection is allowed, recommend VP water.


1) Allow tractors with cast tub (belly)-type frame (ie., Oliver, Cockshutt, White) to

remove complete frame from front of transmission housing. The Engine and clutch

housing to remain in original location and mounted solid as intended by original

manufacturer, with motor mounts in the front and rear of the engine. No engine

cradles. Once the tub is removed the rear of the engine cannot be exceed 60 inches

from the center of the rear axle.

2) Oliver style tractors must also run a SFI 6.2 or 6.3 bellhousing with SFI inspection

sticker in place. If they continue to run the OEM bellhousing they will be required to

run a 6 buckle 4.1 SFI rated blanket.

3) All housings must stay in place, bolted ridged in all other chassis.

4) Tractors must be 2wd. Can run any year sheet metal, but it must match the

manufacturer of the engine. Sheet metal can cross between Heritage lines (examples

Agco/Oliver, Minneapolis Moline, Cummins). For ag rear end tractors the engine

must be in stock location for chassis being used and must bolt to the bell housing

with a maximum of 1"thick adapter plate or OEM adapter plate. Or you can take out

center section and run SFI clutch can (Motor has to be solidly mounted, see Oliver



1) Ag tires or old-style pullers 24.5s or 30.5s only, are allowed. No puller HP, Pro

Pullers, or etc...


1) All component rear end tractors will drop 200 lbs off from ag rear end tractors.

2) For component rear end tractor the back of engine mounts 60 inches from center

of rear axle.

3) Engine must be solidly mounted in chassis Front and rear, no “twist” points.


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