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Super Modified 2WD

Updated: Jan 19

Unless specifically outlined below in the class specific rules, the Truck General Rules and the overall General rules outlined above apply.

NOTE: Vehicles in this division will adhere to all pertinent criteria of modified tractor safety, construction, unless special variations are noted.

Weight 6200#


1) The maximum length of the vehicle is no more than 15 feet from centerline of rear axle to forward most portion of the vehicle including the weight racks.

2) The 15 foot from center of rear axle overall rule will apply to all 2WD vehicles with the exception of a ten (10) inch over-length allowance for cosmetic fiberglass only. No steel structure, reinforcement, or steel bumpers allowed past 15 feet. Tow hook to be consistent with 15-foot rule.

3) Maximum width of vehicle is eight (8) feet.

4) Chassis (frame) may be truck frame or fabricated frame like modified tractors.

5) Vehicle appearance:

a) Fiberglass hood scoops, spoilers, fender flares are allowed.

b) Allowed to use stock appearing pickup truck and van fiberglass bodies and parts.

c) All 2WD vehicles must have a presentable front windshield of glass, Plexiglas or Lexan. Does not have to be a full windshield.

d) Vehicle to conform to provisions of modified tractor engine shielding.


1) Tubular steel frame is allowed.


1) Weights are not to extend forward of maximum length stated in Rule 1 under the Body/Chassis section above, not rearward more than 12 inches from hitch point and must not interfere with hitching and unhitching of vehicle.

2) Any factory production body truck or van is allowed including passenger-type bodies.

3) Must run a minimum of 14-inch front rims with an automotive or front tractor tire.

4) Any wheelbase is permitted.

5) Front wheel and axle to remain in the visual center of the front wheel well. Maintain minimum of two (2) inches of complete original type wheelhouse forward of front wheel. Must be able to see forward most part and rearward most part of tire from a side view.

6) Rear tire diameter shall not exceed 143-inch circumference when mounted on an 18-inch rim and inflated to 28 PSI. The ground patch is not to exceed 19 inches based on the original tread.

7) Maximum pull distance of 340 feet. Any 1st hook over 340 the sled must reset.


1) No electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic devices that effect the clutch system are allowed. All staged or variable released clutches of any description prohibited. (This does not affect slave cylinder for clutch pedal.)

2) All 2WD vehicles engine/automatic transmission combinations must have either:

NOTE: Engine to clutch to transmission to be constructed like the modified tractors. Torque converters, automatic shifts, etc. are permitted.

Engine/Engine Limitations

1 Must have a 3-point engine mount and a support saddle for the rear of the transmission.

2) 2WD OTTPA competition – a limit of 650 cubic inches and two (2) valves per cylinder.

3) There will be no timing delay devices allowed.

NOTE: Entire engine is to mean anything that is bolted to the engine block. Except for high performance type starters with crankshaft drive, rear of engine block may not be moved forward of center line of front axle. The engine is any engine or its replica available in a passenger car. Maximum of eight (8) cylinders. A replica to be considered legal must accept and swing a stock crankshaft. No diesel engines permitted.

4) All boosted V8 motors limited to a maximum 5” bore spacing.

Turbo Chargers

1) Allow only single staged turbochargers in the division and must therefore follow the safety rules that apply to all turbocharged engines which are found in the General Rules Section under Supercharger/Turbocharger.

Fuel & Water

1) Fuel injection and carburetors and headers may protrude through the hood.

2) VP Fuel and water only with all vehicles. A $50 fine will be accessed for lack of fuel and water test ports for all classes. Also, for any minor infractions of fuel or water quality. Each vehicle must display 2 VP Racing Fuels decals one on each side.

NOTE: Bubble or scoop is optional, but if used, the scoop or bubble must cover the carburetor(s) of fuel injection, if induction system protrudes through the hood.


1) Vehicle must have vertical exiting exhaust.

2) Height of pipe must be a minimum of one (1) foot above the bend. NOTE: Vertical is defined as “being in plumb” with a 10-degree variance in any direction permitted.


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